20th Century Splendour

London and its environs have a wealth of architectural types — from Tudor to Georgian to Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Interwar and Brutalist to Contemporary.  It’s a treasure trove of history that we inhabit.  Yes, London is a gigantic architectural museum.  And I love it.  This summer I was given the privilege of photographing a marvel of an Arts & Crafts house designed by architects Culpin and Bowers and built in 1921 in Dulwich, just north of Dulwich Park.  Driving through the village, I thought Dulwich had to be one of the most picturesque residential areas in all of London — and I’ve lived in Hampstead!

The owners of the house on Court Lane are in creative industries and it shows in their building design and decor choices.  The furniture is mid-century modern cool and complements the early 20th Century building space that was renovated and extended by Cube Lofts of Teddington.  I especially appreciate the fine woodwork construction of the kitchen extension which called to mind the work of Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa.  This project, this house, was a rare find indeed!