A King and a Duke: a Road and a Square

At the beginning of the year, my partner asked if I’d take some photographs for his professional website.  Okay, this has to be one of the best gigs in the world as his office is on the King’s Road in Chelsea.  And if you ask me for photos of a cityscape, sure, you’ll get daytime shots.  But it really gets my eyes shining to be able to pull out my tripod for some outdoor, long-exposure dusk and night-time photography.  I was able to take a few these in Duke of York Square before I was nicked by a security guard who told me that tripods were forbidden and that I’d been spotted on a security camera.  So hey-ho, at least I got a few, and so finished the evening with some handheld shots.  There are several things I love on this small patch of London: first is the fabulous Saatchi Gallery — always pushing the limits of what’s acceptable to place in a gallery; second the wonderful mix of classic and contemporary architecture, third, it’s pedestrianised; and fourth, the @DOYSQ is mercifully uncrowded, despite its fantastic location, shops and eateries.  Another project that was more pleasure than work.