A Tale of Two Counties

Of all the places I’ve ever lived – and there have been at least a dozen, London is by far the most exciting, socially & culturally enriching and civilised.  And despite the fact that there are green spaces of tranquillity in every town and village – and one in my own back garden – it’s nonetheless an exhausting place as well.  Because London is also a very energetic city.  Not frenetic like New York, but focused.  It’s also a place of excellence.  So when you live in London, you too become engaged; you feel the need to be purposeful.  And these are without doubt good things that make London fantastic and Londoners so productive.

And that’s why it’s often vital to take a breather.  My partner and I have been to Wales at least five times within the past year (and he’s been an additional two times more).  Within three hours, you can literally be in another country – one with its own language, culture, terrain, creatures and air.  Our favourite spot is just on the ridge between Hereford and Powys.  And it seems that no matter how short the holiday, food tastes more flavourful, water seems more clear, the grass is greener, the mountains more majestic, the wild ponies more natural, the fire more appreciated than ever before.

The following photos are my sketchbook of our recent retreat: