Art Unlocked in Richmond

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have meant that the annual Richmond Art House Open Studios event had to be rethought in terms of its presentation.  In light of this unique time, the Arts Service decided to have submissions made online with the theme: Place – Distance – Society in order that  ‘the artists, designers and makers of Richmond  reflect on lockdown and consider what the future might hold for the Arts Service to capture and share a snapshot of an extraordinary moment.’

The period of the lockdown has been a difficult one — it’s posed challenges physically, emotionally and financially for so many of us.  As an architectural photographer, my business has been put on hold, which is frustrating.  But something else has also been happening on my street during this time that’s been in large part a joy: a WhatsApp group chat has been created, neighbours are getting together for socially-distanced drinks, people are sharing and giving each other things and they’re generally just supporting one another more than ever.  The thing that’s made me smile the very most is the small gang of girls who get together to skateboard and dance.  Apparently, this is the way children who lived next to one another spent their free time in the past — playing and dancing in the streets.