Post written by : Mary Beth Sutter

A Classic Spanish Love Tragedy

In July I had the great privilege of photographing the performance of Frederico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding, played by the sixth form of La Sainte Union Catholic School as well […]

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Right Angle Triangle

I’ve never liked the expression ‘thinking outside the box’ — it just seems to exude a sense of superiority by the one expressing it.  But in this particular renovation project, […]

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City as Treasure Trove

It’s less than three miles between Mayfair and Camden Town.  Between London’s poshest address and it’s most bohemian is a distance that’s almost walkable.  This is one of the reasons […]

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Put it to the People!

One of the most momentous decisions put to the British people in modern times is now a topic no one can bear to talk about anymore.  Four years ago, the […]

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Time Flies

A few weeks ago the direction of flights into and out of Heathrow Airport in London was reversed so that planes approached from the southwest and took off towards the […]

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