Post written by : Mary Beth Sutter

Flaneuse on Furlough

I haven’t actually been furloughed as I’m a small business owner and as soon as the virus and the fear hit the UK, my two businesses came to an abrupt […]

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Indonesian Green

So popular has the annual Orchid Festival in Kew Gardens become, that it’s now necessary to book a viewing time slot.  If you love the feel of being in a […]

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Realising a Dream

I believe one of my purposes in life is to help others reach their goals.  Perhaps most mothers feel that way.  There’s part of being a photographer that’s like that […]

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Mid-Winter Inspiration

It seems like forever ago now, when Brexit was the biggest issue of the day.  Just a few days after our ‘official’ departure from the EU, I was asked to […]

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Odyssey in East London

Though my journey to Brick Lane and its environs was back in December when my family were in Florida for Christmas,  it’s actually taken this long and the virus crisis […]

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