Post written by : Mary Beth Sutter

Summer Sun in Suburbs

I recently had the privilege of photographing a lovely post-war semi detached house in New Malden which, over the course of the past five years, has been redesigned and redeveloped […]

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A Tale of Two Counties

Of all the places I’ve ever lived – and there have been at least a dozen, London is by far the most exciting, socially & culturally enriching and civilised.  And […]

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The Power of Transformation

Even more than people like structure and routine, they LOVE change.  Well, change for the better that is.  There’s something very uplifting, hopeful and energising about rehabilitating something established, whether […]

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Kew Village in the Springtime

London offers photographers a true plethora of opportunities to capture life – both natural and cultural. And one of my very favourite genres is floral photography, particularly at this time […]

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Identity Kerfuffle

My younger daughter and I were talking recently about the concept of identity in terms of nationality.  I told her that I related more with British culture and British people […]

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