Beneath a Blue Umbrella Sky

Palm Springs lies just two hours from Los Angeles between the Santa Jacinta Mountains and Joshua Tree National Monument.  It’s an oasis of palm trees, golf courses and shopping malls and moves at a far slower pace than its Hollywood twin to the west.  My favourite aspect of Palm Springs, by far, is the mid-century modern residential architecture that calls to mind the era of Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth.  My family and I stayed in the heart of this design period in the Deepwell Estate, just moments from the Ace Hotel and L’Horizon Resort.  This patch of America is a world away from the terrace houses of London that I’m so used to photographing.  Each house in the Deepwell neighbourhood is unique and oozing with old Hollywood glamour.

Other architectural curiosities I discovered in Palm Springs include the Saguaro Hotel, the Lulu Cafe and the attractions of Boomers Mini Golf.

There were other sights during my time in Palm Springs that just said, ‘Americana’, such as roadside signage and simply the displays in Ralphs Supermarket.

No photographic journal of Palm Springs would be complete without some views of the natural terrain, the most stunning of which were Indian Canyons and Joshua Tree National Park.  These are so strikingly different from anything in the UK and, for me, had a haunting quality that isn’t easily forgotten.