by Mary Beth Sutter, January 2, 2021 , In Street Art , Street Photography

Why I Love Street Art

It takes self-awareness and courage for someone to call themselves an artist — perhaps even more so to be a street artist.  For those who rarely go to museums or seek out the arts on television or social media, street art might be one of the most direct means of... Continue reading

by Mary Beth Sutter, January 1, 2021 , In Architecture , Gardens , Kitchens

A Gorgeous Green Haven in Hampstead

It isn’t often that when I drive to a new photoshoot, I find a unique gem of a garden in London — a place where the beauty and possibility of barbecues, swimming and play speak volumes.  Such is the garden at this incredible renovation in Hampstead, North London.  The outdoor... Continue reading

by Mary Beth Sutter, January 1, 2021 , In Architecture , Holidays

A Tier 4 Festive Season

Christmas at my house in Kew wasn’t quiet or subdued — is isn’t going to be with a toddler and pomeranian.  And small creatures do bring the joy.  But with a member of the family not at home this year, she was sorely missed.  Hopefully 2021 will be a year... Continue reading

by Mary Beth Sutter, December 31, 2020 , In Architecture , Interiors , Uncategorized

Scanning the Skies

One of the strangest yet wonderful things that has happened during the year of covid was a visit I made to the King’s Observatory in Old Deer Park, Richmond.  Because of the virus precautions, those of us who’d been able to book a place (available for only one month in... Continue reading

by Mary Beth Sutter, October 12, 2020 , In Architecture , Interiors , Pets , Street Art

The Gram

When the subject of Instagram comes up these days, it’s often met with distain and/or warnings of its myriad dangerous intentions and consequences.  Nevertheless, it’s also a place where one can find one’s virtual community — one’s tribe if you like. I have four Instagram accounts: one for my interiors... Continue reading

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