by Mary Beth Sutter May 27, 2016, In Events, People

Campaigns, Strategies and Integrity

I was contacted back in February of this year by the head of the #BackZac2016 campaign to see whether I’d be interested in volunteering my photographic services for the effort.  So from February through April I had the privilege of shooting Zac’s presentations and Q&A’s as well as high street walk abouts in Kingston, Kew, Stanmore, Deptford, Illford, Bexleyheath, Hendon,Turnham Green and CCHQ.  I’ve never had to turnaround such a large number of edited images in such a short time, but it was a great experience – both being on the campaign trail as well as producing a range of deliverables and posting my work on social media.

I think that Zac had some excellent ideas which would address the myriad problems that our city faces (such as housing & transport) but is also committed to a healthy, sustainable environment, a technologically advanced infrastructure and socio-economic inclusion.  It’s just quite a shame that his political strategists advised him that a negative campaign targeted at Sadiq Khan’s faith backfired as much as it did – not just in number of votes, but in the sour impression it has left.  I hope in future Zac sticks to what he knows and does best – careful analysis, strong responsiveness to constituents and genuine integrity.

Here I present some of my favourite photos from the campaign:

I also wanted to mention how absolutely thrilling it is to receive a written word of thanks for my work.  Isn’t that true for you?  Being appreciated has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I’ve now been involved in photographing Dr. Tania Matthias, Conservative MP for Twickenham: once at the Richmond Expo 2015 and when she came out to Turnham Green to help campaign for Zac.  On both occasions she was lovely, professional and warm.  I provided her with collages of both events:


Final Jpegs1