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We Gravitate Toward Simple Beauty

We live in a world that’s complex.  Combined with the myriad responsibilities and tasks we all face, I think it’s no wonder that the sleek and efficient contemporary kitchen extension has […]

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Showstopper Space

I’m always eager to get into whole house transformations by my client, Cube Lofts of Teddington, because I’ve discovered that it’s possible to have a house with authentic period character […]

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It’s All About the View

It’s a funny thing — living in London at 51 degrees latitude — and having palm trees waving about in gardens, roundabouts and pots. I imagine this has something to […]

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Best Dressed Houses

Two of the most direct ways that people express their identity visually are their clothes and their home decor.  So when I go round for a photoshoot, I actually learn […]

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When Business is a Pleasure

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my family in Southern California.  And as the three women out of the six of us ardecorating/furnishing enthusiasts, we made a […]

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Transformational Photography

Over the course of the past year, I was able to photograph not only the before and after development pictures of a two-which-became-three-bedroom house in south Kew, but I was […]

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