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Right Angle Triangle

I’ve never liked the expression ‘thinking outside the box’ — it just seems to exude a sense of superiority by the one expressing it.  But in this particular renovation project, […]

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Exuding Personality

It’s rare, but just sometimes I photograph a property that doesn’t look like it belongs in Dwell Magazine.  I recently had the pleasure of getting to know the owner of […]

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Elements of Welcome

Imagine your house or flat looking as fabulous as you could make it it — if you could finish all the projects you’ve been planning and the house is clean, […]

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It’s All About the View

It’s a funny thing — living in London at 51 degrees latitude — and having palm trees waving about in gardens, roundabouts and pots. I imagine this has something to […]

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A Sweet Teen Suite in Surrey

This loft conversion has to be one of the best I’ve ever photographed, particularly because it’s the bedroom suite of a teenage girl!  That’s one lucky young woman, I thought, […]

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