by Mary Beth Sutter November 17, 2016, In Events

Experiencing the Passion

At the end of March I had the incredible privilege of photographing the wonderful making and performance of the Passion on Richmond Riverside.  Directed by Peter Cregeen, distinguished director, producer and former BBC executive, this was the second year in a row that this play of Christ’s last days on earth has been performed in Richmond.  The entire cast, musicians, singers and crew were volunteers — including those who made costumes and lent equipment for the sets.  It’s quite astonishing that something this fantastic could be put together in weeks and presented with such power and professionalism.  As a photographer, it was fantastic to be able to shoot in and around the action — never have I been so close to the subjects.  I honestly felt part of story myself.  And perhaps that’s the entire point of the Passion.

I made a slideshow from my photos of the Passion 2016, comprising one of the rehearsals, the nighttime dress rehearsal and the actual performance on Good Friday.

I also created a photobook which is available for purchase.  This features the lay-flat option.