Best Dressed Houses

Two of the most direct ways that people express their identity visually are their clothes and their home decor.  So when I go round for a photoshoot, I actually learn a great deal about a homeowner just by seeing the architecture of an extension, the style of kitchen chosen and the soft furnishings they’ve selected to use & display in the heart of their homes.  It’s kind of like playing who lives in a house like this.  I recently shot two kitchens made and installed by the same fantastic company, IPS-Pronorm.  Both areperiod terrace houses and both in the Twickenham area.  The first is completely contemporary, the second quite traditional.  The spaces express both the personalities of the families living there as well as reveal a thing or two about their respective lifestyles.  Both families, though, are totally delighted with the results.

Property One: Family with school-age children

Property 2: Retired Couple babysitting their grandson