by Mary Beth Sutter September 7, 2018, In Events, Family, Parties

Feminist Rethink

Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte travel from Manhattan to a Connecticut suburb to attend a friend’s baby shower.  It’s basically a shambles as Samantha gets drunk, Miranda rails against the cult of domesticity, Charlotte revels in all things newborn and the mums in attendance gradually reveal how bonkers they’ve become since giving birth.  I never had a baby shower because I moved to London to get a degree and job so never really developed close female friends during those first few years.  Also, I probably held that cynical SATC viewpoint as well.

My older daughter’s last trimester happened this summer during the height of the heatwave.  She’s also just finished her MSc in Architecture at the Bartlett.  Yes, she’s had quite a year.  She grew up in London and Surrey and is still very close to her secondary school friends from an all-girls school in Hampton.  Her friends were so excited, so delighted for her and her partner, that not one, but two showers were held.  I was invited to the second and my views on this tradition have changed dramatically!  Firstly, my daughter’s partner and some of his friends were invited.  It was outdoors, there were fantastic food and drink and an incredible amount of laughter during the opening of the gifts.  I have so much admiration for Lauren’s friends who love her and for organising such a fabulous party.  Kinda wish I’d had one now!