by Mary Beth Sutter April 6, 2020, In Activism, Brexit, Events, Politics

Mid-Winter Inspiration

It seems like forever ago now, when Brexit was the biggest issue of the day.  Just a few days after our ‘official’ departure from the EU, I was asked to photograph philosopher AC Grayling speaking to a stalwart group of Remainers in our usual venue — a primary school in Gospel Oak, North London.  And if ever I needed a bit of inspiration after the 31st of January, Profesor Grayling was just the right one to provide some.  His key message was that in order for our country to be governed in a way that truly reflects the views of the electorate we need a new arrangement, as our first past the post electoral system this past time around (December 2019) produced a massive 80-seat majority.  The result of this, according to Professor Grayling, will be a rubber-stamp mechanism for the Johnson government.  Proportional representation, on the other hand, would yield a body that would hold any executive to account and make every measure stand or fall by its own merits.  And as far as EU membership in future goes, demographics are on the side of Remain: ‘the mess that the far right and far left have dragged the country into over Brexit will neither be forgotten nor forgiven.’  I couldn’t agree more.