More than 700,00 March on Parliament

Two of the most emotive words in the English language are freedom and control. For the individual, it would seem like more of both is preferred to less. But these notions are bandied about in political rhetoric as currency to sway the electorate. ‘Taking back control’ was sold to Britain as a panacea to all the nation’s ills. Ironically, the UK has always been in control of non-EU immigration — the type many Brexiteers have been most afraid of. And leaving the EU will mean that barriers will go up between us and the Continent, restricting the free flow of goods, services and people. The ERG sells this idea as a good thing in that we could just substitute the rest of the world for the Continent.

The world is becoming a more complicated place with greater potential risks than ever before. Now is not the time to hunker down and go it alone. So despite the drawbacks of the EU, there’s far more benefits, both economically but also socially and culturally than there are costs. For this reason, I’ve been supporting the Open Britain/People’s Vote¬†campaign for three years now. We had a fledgling start back then, but on the 20th of October, our numbers swelled to over 700,000 and we marched from Hyde Park Corner through Mayfair and Westminster to Parliament Square. It’s the wish of all of us to remain a crucial part of a union we love.