Put it to the People!

One of the most momentous decisions put to the British people in modern times is now a topic no one can bear to talk about anymore.  Four years ago, the UK’s membership of the European Union wasn’t even on the radar of most ordinary British people’s concerns.  And that very relationship is a deeply complex thing — economically, politically, geographically, socially and culturally.  And that complexity has produced far more positive outcomes in all those ways than negative ones.  In addition, when the referendum took place, those for whom Brexit would be hardest hit — the young — weren’t even given a say.  Without even a shred of an exit plan, not to mention the fact that we haven’t even begun to think about new arrangements, it’s time to let the people of Britain vote again now that we all know far more about this shambolic mess than we did before.  It’s time to put it to the people, and we came out in droves on the 23rd of March do say just that.  Hundreds of thousands of us from all over the UK joined together in London to march through central London.

I began the day with the Open Britain of Hampstead & Muswell Hill group who met at the Camden Town tube station.  Later in the day I strode with and photographed my fellow marchers.  It was fantastic!!