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Mid-Winter Inspiration

It seems like forever ago now, when Brexit was the biggest issue of the day.  Just a few days after our ‘official’ departure from the EU, I was asked to […]

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A Mighty Heaving Crowd

The 23rd of June 2018 was the day that thousands of British citizens and Anglophiles gathered in Pall Mall and Waterloo Place in readiness to march to Trafalgar Square and down […]

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The Power of the Personal

It moves me every time I go to an activist event — from the Women’s March to supporting the Palestinian cause to Brexit  (among many others) — and witness the […]

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Hero Worship

Before I became a professional photographer, I’d been able to see a few of my intellectual idols in person — people like Michael Sandel of Harvard, Martin Wolf of the […]

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Thoughtful People Unite

Last Thursday I was asked by David Gwyther of Open Britain to photograph one of their events in Hampstead where local activists brainstormed for media and campaign strategies.  These were […]

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What Cha Gonna Do?

Given the state of dismay and distrust that constituents feel towards politicians and what sometimes appears to be the contempt with which politicians hold toward the electorate, it isn’t surprising […]

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