The Beautiful Faces of Enlightened Business

When I was approached by Amanda Harris to capture the 25th-anniversary party of her recruitment business, Harris Jones, at the Bingham Hotel, I was keen for two reasons.  I’ve always wanted to shoot inside this elegant, boutique hotel in the heart of Richmond along the River Thames.  And this photoshoot was to happen at the golden hour in summer aside the Bingham’s west-facing garden.  Brilliant.  And secondly, and more importantly, Amanda and her partner have always made her company — from the ground up — to be an extremely family-friendly one.  The employees of the company, mostly women, have been accommodated and encouraged during pregnancy and the early years of childhood.  Many companies might think they live by these precepts but the reality is often different.  That’s because  Amanda and her staff have been there and know exactly what it’s like to have a job they love and want to grow as well as a family they love and want to nurture.