The Power of Transformation

Even more than people like structure and routine, they LOVE change.  Well, change for the better that is.  There’s something very uplifting, hopeful and energising about rehabilitating something established, whether it’s ‘my clothes, my hair, my face’ a la Bruce Springsteen, the décor of a room, the reconfiguration of an entire building or a business ‘re-branding.’ I believe one of the most effective ways of documenting change is what I call transformation photography.  And this is my speciality when it comes to interiors and architecture.  There are several ways to display the renovation of a home; these are some that I happen to undertake for clients:

  • Before & After photograph collages
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Before & After virtual tours
  • Before & After slideshow

I’d like to now show you what I mean.  For architects, developers, interior designers, exterior/garden designers, kitchen & bathroom makers transformation photography can be one of the most effective means of marketing by showing exactly the excellence of their work.  And it’s probably one of the most exciting aspects of my own business.