The Subversion of American Ideals

I imagine that in every school across America, teachers and parents explain to their students and children from the age of two what makes a good person and citizen.  I was born in America myself and so I know well that these virtues include integrity, generosity, kindness, respect, awareness and active participation in making one’s school town, state, country and/or the world a better place.  A good person is inclusive in attitude and has an appreciation for the sacrifices others make on their behalf, including generations past.  Could any teacher or parent in America point to the president as a virtuous example of American ideals?  Could they lift him up as a leader and someone to admire for his success with integrity?  Of course not.  I get the feeling that Trump’s supporters, rather than accepting that character counts, have doubled down in their reverence of him as a way of giving two fingers up to the Enlightenment and American standards of graciousness.

Not only has his character compromised the office of the presidency, but Donald Trump has insulted and disparaged my adopted country and supports the most deleterious event facing the UK: Brexit.  On the 13th of July,  people came out in droves — over 50,000! — to demonstrate their dismay and disgust with him and to walk in solidarity in the name of human rights, equality and civilised society.