by Mary Beth Sutter January 2, 2020, In Loft Conversion

There are no small interiors projects

When you live in London, space is a luxury.  And since most of the architecture of boroughs in and close to central London were built in Victorian times, the houses are up to a hundred years old and rarely torn down.  Also, moving to areas further afield to gain more space isn’t a straight forward change because commuting into central London is often hellish — perhaps not by the standards of some other metropolises, but often a nightmare nonetheless.  So homeowners with growing families sensibly convert their lofts into bedroom suites and expand their kitchens a couple of meters into their gardens.  This can mean a world of difference to homelife.  It means each child can have her own bedroom and it means the hearth becomes a cool, relaxing place to hang out.  With this in mind, I consider every loft conversion project to be significant.  It may not be a physically large space, but it’s often metaphorically a very large personal space for someone.