Three Ingredients for a Fab Bathroom: Imagination, Design + Materials

The two spaces that to my eyes have seen the most dramatic stylistic changes over the course of the past decade in a family home are the kitchen and the bathroom.  Obviously.  I think this is because these two spaces in particular are used so frequently, can become untidy and dirty so quickly and because the creative scope for change by designers is so great.  I recently had the privilege of returning to a property that I’d photographed a few years ago prior to its renovation in Hampton, Middlesex.  This semi-detached post-war home also has a substantial garden which in times had been part of an orchard, common in that part of Middlesex.

The Wren kitchen in the new kitchen extension is a show-stopper — no  doubt about it.  But what really excited me about this house were the bathrooms.  Each of them are totally unique and showcase some well-considered tiling materials.  That combination of an imaginative designer choosing materials that are off-the-beaten path, brings not only beauty and order to a bathroom, but also a bit of brilliance.  All the redevelopmemt here was the wonderful work of Cube of Teddington.