Time Flies

A few weeks ago the direction of flights into and out of Heathrow Airport in London was reversed so that planes approached from the southwest and took off towards the northeast.  For just over a week, it was gloriously peaceful here in Kew where I live, right under the arrivals flightpath (and planes landing are louder than those taking off because the descent is less steep).  Currently flights over or close to over my house occur every 45 seconds.  Yes, that’s right!  They being around 530am and end at 1130pm.  Every day, every 45 seconds.  There’s no question that Heathrow is vital to the economic lifeblood of the UK, but adding a third runway is just bonkers.  My primary concerns are environmental and heath: so much more polluting particulate from planes and cars as well as noise.  That never-ending, no-we-never-get-used-to-it roar of engines.  Every 45 seconds.

When I heard about Arts Richmond’s latest photography exhibition with its theme of Time, I immediately thought of the planes.  And what better place to capture these behemoths than from my bedroom/office window.  A lovely person at the shop where I had the photo printed asked me how I got all those pilots to fly in that formation.

The exhibition is on from the 7th through the 11th of May at the Richmond Art School.