We Gravitate Toward Simple Beauty

We live in a world that’s complex.  Combined with the myriad responsibilities and tasks we all face, I think it’s no wonder that the sleek and efficient contemporary kitchen extension has become such a coveted place and, for those who have them, deeply loved.  The new kitchen is a clutter- and often cabinet handle- free zone.  The contemporary stream-lined kitchen is large enough for the whole family to cook, eat and hang out it in, but it’s also a quite tranquil space when one is alone in it.  I think this clearly demonstrates that well-designed and exactingly-constructed spaces, like the kitchen extensions that Cube Lofts of Teddington builds, are something we long for in our busy, complicated world and hectic lives.  A quintessential example of what I’m talking about is this kitchen extension on Burdenshott Avenue, Richmond.